Sunbeam Tiger Mark II red 1968


Moteur: V8 4,7L
Couleur: Rouge
Kilometrage: 9999 km
NIV: 142


Sunbeam Tiger Mark II. Very rare breed. 633 had been made. They were the last evolution of the Sunbeam Tiger created by Caroll Shelby. This particular car is number 611, so one of the last built and registered as a 1968 because it was sold that year. it had three owners and the last one had owned it since 1982. They did some mild customising and painted it red - original colour as mediteranean blue.

  • Never had any rust, accident or damage;
  • Stored for almost 30 years;
  • New top, new chrome and bearings;
  • Also come with a hard top;
  • Engine currently out of the car and also comes with a spare 302 engine.